Apparently Drake’s romance with Jennifer Lopez wasn’t meant to last forever.

The hip-hop star and JLo ended their whirlwind relationship after less than two months of dating, Us Weekly reports.

The star-powered duo is done “for now,” a source told the magazine, but added it’s likely Drake will attempt to rekindle the flame next month after he returns to Los Angeles following his ongoing European tour.

Another insider seconded this, adding that things just “died down a bit” between the two stars.

Lopez, 47, was first linked to the 30-year-old “Forever” rapper in December, and they seemed to confirm things when they each posted a cozy Instagram photo showing them cuddled up to each other.

They rang in the New Year a few days later at the Las Vegas nightclub Hakkasan where Drake performed earlier in the evening and reportedly left holding hands.

But they haven’t been spotted together publicly for a while, and Lopez posted a cryptic Instagram message earlier in the week that some have speculated is about Drake.

“Timing is everything,” the post reads. “If it’s meant to happen, it will, and for the right reasons.”Both stars were coming off recent breakups when they began their relationship late last year. Lopez split with choreographer Casper Smart in August, while Drake and Rihanna ended things in October mere weeks after the rapper professed his love for the pop star at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The two stars shared multiple pictures together early on in their relationship.

Lopez recently explained why she chooses to date younger men in an interview with W magazine.

“Men in their 20s are very confident and cocky, and women are super insecure,” Lopez told the magazine. “And then it flips: Men get super insecure, and women get comfortable in their own skin, in a way that makes them more beautiful.”

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