President Trump welcomed German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the White House Friday for meetings expected to focus on trade and security, although hanging over the talks were Mr. Trump’s harsh campaign rhetoric that she “ruined” her country.

Mr. Trump greeted Ms. Merkel as she emerged from black Chevrolet Suburban at the White House’s West Wing portico. The two smiled and shook hands before Mr. Trump escorted the German leader inside.

After their initial sit-down in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump and Ms. Merkel said the talks went well. 

“We talked about lots of things,” Mr. Trump told reporters as photographers snapped pictures.

During the presidential campaign, Mr. Trump frequently slammed Ms. Merkel’s open-door policy for refugees. He said the influx of Middle East and North African refugees was ruining Germany.

In sharp contrast to Ms. Merkel’s stance on refugees, Mr. Trump’s has attempted to temporarily slam the door on refugees and pause visits from some terrorist-threat countries. But those moves have been tied up in federal courts.

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