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More alcohol won’t beat that hangover

Contrary to what you might want to believe, a hair of the dog isn't the best remedy after a night of heavy drinking, a substance abuse expert warns. "There's no scientific evidence that having an alcoholic drink will cure a hangover," said…

How to Cut Back on Alcohol and Still Have a Social Life

For young and middle-aged adults, going out and socializing is often associated with drinking. Not everyone drinks with the intention of harming themselves or others. But even social drinking can become problematic when we don’t know when…

Koristimo tehnologiju kolačića kako bismo vam ponudili bolju uslugu internetske stranice prilagođenu vama. Podaci pohranjeni preko kolačića koji se koriste na internetskim stranicama Društva nikad ne pokazuju osobne detalje iz kojih se može utvrditi identitet pojedinca. Prihvati Čitaj više