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7 Vegetarian Recipes That Are Better in a Bowl

What is it about bowls that just makes food taste better? Is it because they’re easier to hold when you’re curled up under a blanket on the sofa?

Or because bowls remind us of ice cream? Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: This week’s featured foodie, Lily Kunin of Clean Food Dirty City, makes the best vegetarian recipes that are taken to the next level, all because they’re served in a bowl. 


Wave hello to one of the easiest one-pot, crowd-pleasing meals you’ll ever make. It’s smoky from fire-roasted tomatoes and just a little sweet from corn. Throw a scoop of this chili over your favorite grain with avocado, cilantro, and a pile of greens.

Warm turmeric-scented lentil daal is the coziest dish to spoon up on a cold night. While you can make the accompanying sweet potato and herb chutney recipes, whatever veg you have on hand over a bowl of greens tastes just as good.


Vegan tuna might sound odd, but this sunflower seed-based version is creamy, briny, and way tasty. Pile it into a bowl with a lemony mustard dressing and boiled potatoes, green beans, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes. Even your kids (or roommates) will be wowed.

Everything gets better when you put an egg on it, but this grain bowl was already pretty freakin’ awesome. A drizzle of savory almond butter sauce over the whole thing and boom, we’ll have it for lunch every day, please.


These little quinoa and spinach burgers prove good things really do come in small packages. With roasted veggies and greens, it’s hard to imagine making anything else for dinner.

Grab your spiralizer and turn a sweet potato into curly noodles (swoodles, if you will), then toss in a bright kale-pumpkin seed pesto. We promise you won’t miss roasting your taters after you’ve taken one bite.


This spicy soup is the comfort food of our dreams: It’s warm and filling with veggies and beans, but hearty, so you don’t need to have a second dinner (which can be the case with other vegan soups).

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